Gamelight Has Already Given $20 Million in Rewards to their Players in 2024

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Spring has only just sprung, but Gamelight—the revolutionary AI games marketing platform—has already dished out $20 million in rewards to its legions of users. 

No other rewarded marketing platform has come close. 

Which means, of course, that Gamelight is the biggest game recommendation platform in the world, and one of the most reliable ways for loyal users to get their hands on gift cards and vouchers by playing games.

Vouchers and Gift Cards for Playing Games?

Yep, that really is how it works. Gamelight encourages players to try out new titles, and in return it gives them rewards. These come in the form of virtual points to exchange for PayPal, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play Store vouchers, among other things.

To line their pockets with freebies, all players need to do is complete certain in-game actions defined by the game’s developers. 

This helps studios to optimise their titles while giving players the chance to see titles early and effectively get paid for the privilege. It’s a system that clearly works, with Gamelight reporting that millions of users around the world have discovered games this way.

Among Gamelight’s commercial partners is Tremendous, which assists with the distribution of rewards to users. 

“Tremendous and Gamelight have been partnering to provide large volumes of gift cards to Gamelight users globally across all of Gamelight’s game recommendation platforms,” says Tremendous Co-Founder and CEO Nick Baum.” Gamelight serves as a trusted partner for Tremendous, fostering mutual success through our collaborative efforts.”

$20 Million in Rewards to Users

Among Gamelight’s stated aims is to help players overcome the overwhelming choice in the mobile gaming market by giving them intelligent, personalised recommendations. The strategy seems to be paying off for all concerned.

$2 million in rewards equates to 2 million gift cards. And, in case you missed it, that’s just in Q1 of 2024. 

Gamelight operates seven self-published game recommendation apps, with 10 million users in the Tier 1 regions alone. The platform can be found in all countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Gamelight’s AI Recommendation Algorithm

Like the circle of life, Gamelight’s rewarded marketing apps work for everybody. By playing games and feeding the algorithm with data on playing preferences, demographics, and so on, players help the company to optimise its mobile game recommendations. 

That means Gamelight is always getting better at identifying gamers with similar interests and playing styles, helping the company to help gamers live their best lives. 

“Starting from 2022,” says David Leed, Founder and CEO of reward distribution service Tango Card, “our partnership with Gamelight has experienced consistent growth as we manage millions of gift cards for their global user base, spanning from the Americas to Europe, Japan, and Australia, just to name some of the countries. 

“Gamelight’s Gaming Loyalty Platform is one of the largest and fastest-growing platforms within our network. Gamelight’s collaborative approach, creativity, and exceptional growth rate reflect our shared commitment to success.”

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