Game of Thrones spin off for Reigns teased

Reigns is possibly getting a Game of Thrones related spin off. Okay, there’s no possibly about it – it’s happening. Possibly.

Wait what?

This news comes straight from the game’s official @ReignsGame Twitter account. Namely via a tweet that merely posts an image of a map.

But it’s no ordinary map, oh no. It’s actually a map of Westeros, a contintent from hugely popular Game of Thrones – a series of bestselling books which were then turned into an even more popular TV show. Westeros is where most of the action in the show happens too.

For those uninitiated Reigns is effectively a strategy game combined with Tinder. You play the King of a country and have to make various decisions by dealing with a variety of different characters.

Game of Thrones Reigns over me

So you can see how this could be the perfect fit for Game of Thrones. What with throne being in the title and all.

Sadly nothing is known about this potential spin-off aside from the tweet. No release date, nothing. We’ll keep you updated though, don’t worry about that.

You can download the original, not-Game of Thrones-related Reigns on the App Store and Google Play now.

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