Game Bundles Are Coming to the App Store

By Jim Squires |

For smaller developers, bundles have provided some of the best visibility money can buy in recent years. Humble Bundle, Indie Royale – offers like these have brought some fantastic yet obscure titles to desktop gamers, raising the profiles of their developers in the process.

Thanks to the nature of Android OS, Google gamers have been benefiting from this in recent years too (again, often courtesy of Humble). Apple’s rather closed nature, however, has made bundles a virtual impossibility. Today though, Apple announced a change that will give developers the tools they need to bundle their apps together as they see fit, and for whatever price they want.

Developers will also benefit from a few other new additions that were announced during today’s WWDC keynote, like video previews in the App Store, trending searches and related searches. These, and the bundles, will all be available when iOS 8 launches.

There’s no word yet if third parties will be able to create their own bundles with developer participation, but if they can, I’m sure a Humble Bundle app won’t be far behind.

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