Gaijin Games releases new browser game, CommanderVideo

By Joe Jasko |

Gaijin Games has announced (and also released) a brand new browser-based endless runner game today called CommanderVideo. It’s the first game of its kind for Gaijin Games, and it stars none other than CommanderVideo, as he dashes through all of the 16-bit glory we’ve seen from Runner2‘s retro levels.

In the game, players will run through an endless and randomly generated environment, as they try to make it to the top of the leaderboards and brag to all their friends. As you run, you’ll also be able to collect tons of gold bars, which can then be used to unlock a number of secret characters. Gaijin Games is being pretty tip-lipped on just who these unlockable characters are, so you’ll have to get to running if you want to find out!

CommanderVideo can be played for free right over here on the game’s official website.


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