GagaVille takes over FarmVille, makes things more sparkly

Lady Gaga’s much touted Zynga takeover has started, and it’s made FarmVille quite a bit more sparkly. If you log in to the game today you’ll have a new neighbor, which lets you visit the farm of none other than the Fame Monster herself.


Gaga’s farm is, predictably, absolutely insane, complete with motorcycle riding sheep and rocket powered cows. But in addition to simply visiting GagaVille, you’ll also be able to bring a bit of it to your own farm. There are a variety of Gaga-inspired crops, available for a limited time, like diamonds and electric flowers. You can also unlock music tracks and farm decorations by completing daily quests. Some of the gifts include a metal fountain that spews fire and a bed of flowers made from chrome.


As promised, though, the promotion doesn’t just affect FarmVille. Each Zynga game has a new item that you can purchase via RewardVille, including a crazy gyroscope for CityVille and a skull-faced waitress for Cafe World.

All of this content is only available for a limited time, so if you want to add a touch of Gaga to your farm, you should probably hurry.

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