Gabe’s Corner, Issue 1

As this is the inaugural issue of both Gamezebo and Gabe’s Corner, I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to the site and explain what we’re all about.

Gamezebo was founded by the immensely talented Joel Brodie (with a little help from his friends) in an effort to bring quality editorial coverage to the casual games market. It’s been a wild transition from the origins of the casual gaming market to today. A scant 5 years into the revolution, these little games have taken the world by storm, with over $1 Billion in revenues forecast for 2007! That’s a huge jump from almost nothing 5 years ago.

Of course, it’s been hugely amusing to be a part of the gang of misfits that make, market and distribute these wonderful games. They are a down-to-earth and wickedly smartgroup of men and women that are equally amusing whether they are at a dinner party or discussing the latest Mahjong game.

Which brings me to the purpose of Gabe’s Corner. This little column will provide you with keen insight (and occasional gossip) into/about the casual gaming business. Whereas the rest of Gamezebo is firmly committed to a player-centric editorial mission, this space should provide amusing commentary that will appeal to both game creators, as well as the super-fans out there.

For example: this week, most of the casual gaming industry’s luminaries are at the Casuality Conference in Amsterdam. Yes, we mean Amsterdam in Holland. Now, if the conference had been in Vegas, I’d be forced to keep my mouth shut about the (invariably amusing) goings on – but I’ve never heard anyone say "What gets smoked in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam…dude" – so you can expect some hilarity when you return to this column next week.

Once again – thanks for visiting and Gabe’s Corner. We’re happy you care about casual games as much as we do, and we’re looking forward to satisfying your craving for a little game.

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