G2 Games’s World Quiz Is an Educational Quiz Game that WIll Teach You 5,000 Things

By Glenn Wilson |

How much do you know about the cities of the world, or historical monuments, or unique constructions like the Tokyo Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge?

World Quiz, from G2 Games, is the ultimate test of your general knowledge and the ultimate casual game all wrapped up in one endlessly entertaining package. 

It’s a brilliant educational aid, too, plugging those pesky gaps in your knowledge and teaching you how to spell all those words and place names that you never quite manage to get right. 

Here’s how it works. Each stage in World Quiz presents you with an anagram to solve, as well as a clue, a picture clue, and a selection of letters to rearrange. All you have to do is put the letters in the right order. 

Every time you get an answer right you’ll earn a few green bulbs to spend on clues when you’re stuck. 

And you will get stuck, however smart you think you are, if only because of the sheer breadth of knowledge required. 

Clues come in 24 different categories, including Sports, Africa, Literature, General Knowledge, and Flags. Each of these categories contains a number of stages, and each stage consists of five questions, adding up to more than 5,000 questions in all. 

Unless you’ve mastered everything from pop princesses to the exports of Nepal, you’re going to need those bulbs. 

World Quiz has three different difficulty levels, so everybody can enjoy it. At the easiest level you’re presented with only the letters you need, so that it’s usually possible to work out the answer by unjumbling them. 

But at the highest difficulty there are tons of letters on the screen, preventing you from falling back on your anagram-solving skills. If you don’t know, you probably won’t be able to guess. 

That makes World Quiz a bracing challenge and a fabulous opportunity to enhance your general knowledge.

You can check it out right now on Nintendo Switch and PS4, just click here.

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