Snowpiercer Fans Might Like Frostrain, a New Deckbuilder Available On Steam

Embark on a post-apocalyptic train journey in Frostrain! Build, navigate, and lead to the Promised Land. Steam release Jan 11.

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Forget boring commutes, folks! Frostrain just launched on Steam, and it’s about as far from your daily subway ride as a penguin is from a palm tree. In this post-apocalyptic popsicle world, you’re not just a conductor – you’re the captain of the last chugging spaceship (on rails, obviously) in a land swallowed by frost.

Roaming the Frozen Wilderness

Climate change turned Earth into a frosted wonderland, but don’t be fooled by the pretty snowdrifts. You and your motley crew of passengers are the only things stirring (except maybe some grumpy polar bears), and guess who’s responsible for getting them to paradise? Yep, you, Frosty McEngineer!

But it’s not just about keeping the boiler chugging and the wheels from getting wedged in ice ruts. You gotta ensure a happy ride for your passengers. Grumpy crewmates can throw a wrench in your whole journey faster than a snowball to the face. So it’s all about balancing bossin’ around with building teamwork because reaching the Promised Land (a rumored oasis on the edge of the world) depends on everyone pulling their weight – or at least not throwing shade at each other).

Journey to the Promised Land

Speaking of the Promised Land, getting there won’t be a cakewalk. You’ll need to dodge toxic wastelands and outrun a blizzard that’s colder than your ex’s heart. So keep your eyes peeled, your passengers content, and your engine humming, because in Frostrain, the only destination is survival (and maybe a hot cocoa break along the way).

Ditch the Netflix, grab your virtual mittens, and hop aboard Frostrain! It’s a wild ride through a frozen wasteland, where every twist and turn is as unpredictable as the windchill on a bad hair day. Buckle up, ice cadets, the ultimate train adventure awaits!

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