FrontierVille Pioneer Trail gets even bigger with Ghost Town update

The Pioneer Trail expansion for FrontierVille was huge, so huge that it actually felt like more of a sequel than a simple expansion. So it’s only fitting that the first expansion to The Pioneer Trail, the Halloween-themed Ghost Town, is equally large.

Ghost Town is a single-map experience, so you won’t be travelling from place to place like in the main Pioneer Trail game, and based on the images posted over at the Zynga forums, the map is appropriately spooky.

More than just a new location, you’ll also have to hire a new crew to traverse Ghost Town. But instead of taking on roles like doctor or hunter, your friends will need to become mad scientists and shamans. There’s also a new type of energy, new collectibles and resources to gather, and new creatures to interact with, including monsters, ghosts, and carnivorous plants.

Unfortunately, Zynga hasn’t revealed just when the game will launch, instead saying simply that it’s “coming soon.” But with Halloween quickly approaching, the new map should be playable in no time.

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