FrontierVille Game Bar another small step in Zynga’s giant leap off of Facebook

Zynga has released a games toolbar for FrontierVille allowing users to earn free energy bonuses every 8 hours, see when their friends visit their homestead, and be notified when their crops are ready.

Just as significantly, users who install the toolbar to their browser (IE 7.0+ and Firefox 2.0+ for now) earn 20 free horseshoes (game credits) and an additional one per day for 15 consecutive days.

The FrontierVille game bar represents yet another feature that Zynga is offering that gets its users outside the Facebook environment. True, all links go to play FrontierVille go to Facebook, but that is because it is the only place you can play the game. Surely, it’ll be easy to change the link to Zynga Live when that is eventually released. For its part, the FarmVille game bar released with similar features back in January 2010 goes to Zynga’s own

By itself, the FrontierVille game bar is small. But, put it in the context of the big picture, we can see how Zynga is slowly yet surely creating features to get its users off of Facebook to prepare for the day that it releases Zynga Live.

When will that day be? No clue. But, one thing we do know is that when they do release it, Zynga is going to offer so many in-game incentives to move to Zynga Live, it’ll be hard not to. Every time Zynga releases a new feature to get users a little bit off of Facebook, they offer game credits as an incentive. If Zynga is offering 15 horseshoes to get users to try out the FrontierVille game bar, think 1500 horseshoes when Zynga Live is finally released.

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