Frenzoo raises $1 million to create mobile games with a female focus

Any good hip hop historian can tell you that LL Cool J is short for “Ladies Love Cool James.” Going by that logic, Frenzoo might want to change their name to LL Cool G. After all – the company just raised $1 million in new seed funding because… well… ladies love cool games!

A developer with a focus on female-centric gaming, Frenzoo is looking to use that million to speed up the launch of it’s Me Girl series of games, which the company describes as “lifestyle and fashion mobile games for all ages.”

“We believe there is a tremendous opportunity to combine the best of mobile gaming with the world of fashion and lifestyle,” said Frenzoo CEO & Co-founder Simon Newstead. “Our goal withMe Girlis to leverage glamour and emotional appeal to create fun, accessible gaming experiences. With our innovative 3D platform, we can create interactive characters with natural movements and expressions that really bring the whole story to life.”

There’s no question that playing into female stereotypes can be profitable for a developer – especially in the mobile space. Competing social developer Crowdstar has seen so much success with its string of Girl releases (Top Girl, Social Girl, Modern Girl) that they’ve recently announced they were abandoning Facebook development completely to focus solely on mobile devices. And if Frenzoo’s games are going to take a similar experience to the next level with 3D visuals? It sounds like they’ve found a recipe for instant social success.

Can’t wait to see how Frenzoo’s take on girl gaming turns out first hand? The first Me Girl game, Style Me Girl, is set to launch on iOS, Google Play, and Kindle Fire later this month.

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