Free Toxic Pond update coming to Tasty Tadpoles this week

Life for a tadpole may not always be easy, but as Tasty Tadpoles taught us earlier this year, it sure can be fun! In the game, players take control of a young tadpole named Taddy, as they tap on the screen to guide him through a pond filled with all sorts of obstacles like logs and electric eels. Well as if all of those hazards weren’t enough to make the bravest of tadpoles shiver in the water, we’ve now gotten word that toxic ponds are going to be added into the mix in a new free update that’s coming this week.

Toxic waste has been leaking into Taddy’s home, and he’ll soon have to fend off mutant 3-eyed tadpoles and exploding toxic waste barrels. All in all, the Toxic Pond update to Tasty Tadpoles is said to bring 25 new levels into the mix, and for you completionist gamers out there like myself, 2 new trophies to earn and 4 new challenges to conquer.

We had a real blast here at Gamezebo with Tasty Tadpoles the first time around, and so any more of that bright and arcade-style goodness is A-OK in my book! The free Toxic Pond update to Tasty Tadpoles will be going live on December 5, 2013. In the meantime, you can check out the debut trailer for the upcoming new content right within this page, and download the game for iOS by clicking right over here, if you haven’t done so already.

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