Free Games & Sales: Angry Birds Rio, Resonance, Sylia and more!

Free Angry Birds?  Free Angry Birds!  OMG THERE’S FREE ANGRY BIRDS!!!! 

Phew!  Sorry about.  Just needed a minute to collect myself.  Now that we have that our of the wa.. FREE ANGRY BIRDS!!!!!!!!  Come on, you’ve got to admit, that’s a crazy first.  Of course if Angry Birds Rio isn’t your thing, there are plenty of good deals this weekend, from a few special bundles to a popular Aldorlea RPG.

Did we miss any great deals? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


iOS Deals


Indie Royale: The Snowstorm Bundle

Pay above the minimum and get;

  • Resonance (review)
  • Hinterland
  • RoboBlitz
  • StarDrone
  • Project Aftermath
  • RobotRiot


BundleStars Bundle #2: Indie Jam

Pay $5.20 and get the following;

  • Unstoppable Gorg (review)
  • Stellar Impact (review)
  • Twin Sector
  • Dead Horde
  • Future Wars (review)
  • Greed: Black Border
  • Grotesque Tactics
  • Trapped Dead
  • +2 unannounced mystery titles

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Other Deals

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