Free Games and Sales: The Room, Fallout and more!

Could you imagine a world in which free games and sales simply did not exist? I almost shudder at the thought, as everyone in the world would have to buy their video games at full retail prices forevermore, and probably a lot less of them, at that. But on the flipside, at least gamers like me wouldn’t have these massive backlogs of games that they’ll probably never even get around to playing!

Well luckily for us, we don’t live in such a dismal and dark place devoid of gaming sales, and as a matter of fact, we’ve found a bunch of great ones that are going on this very minute! From huge price drops on the App Store, to wonderful indie bundles, to massive holiday sales, I think we all should go indulge in these countless gaming deals in celebration that we actually have them!

And as always, if we might have missed a great deal or two in our apocalyptic visions of a world where everything is set firmly at unmoving retail prices, then be sure to let us know about them down in the replies!


iOS deals:


The Indie Capsule Bundle on Bundle Stars

Get 7 fantastic Steam games for only $3.48, including;

  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (review)
  • Blood of the Werewolf
  • Slender: The Arrival
  • And Yet It Moves (review)
  • Doc Clock: Toasted Sandwich of Time (review)
  • Plain Sight
  • Snuggle Truck (review)

news DRM-Free Winter Sale 2013 has just launched their massive annual winter sale, and they’re even promoting a free introductory Fallout game package for a limited time! There are great new deals going up each and every day on the site, so be sure to keep checking back often to score lots of amazing games at hugely discounted prices.


Amazon Indie Game Store “Small Studios, Big Deals” Promo

Amazon is currently running a massive sale on tons of digital indie games in their online catalogue. A few of the many highlights so far include;


Other deals:

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