Free Games and Sales: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Splice and more!

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that I’m not the only one out there who gets a little bit tired by the time that Friday afternoon rolls around. My eyes start feeling heavy, my bed starts looking more and more inviting, and the keys on my keyboard all start to blur together. But I’ve never been that much of a coffee drinker: nope, the only things I need to snap me wide awake are some awesome new sales and freebie deals in gaming!

So quit all of your yawning and get ready to jump straight to attention, because we’ve managed to find some of the best gaming deals around that are sure to keep you fully awake until the weekend is here. After all, who needs coffee or energy drinks when you have epic deals on some of our favorite iOS games around, or fantastic indie bundles that just keep on adding more and more games to their already amazing offers?

I bet you couldn’t fall asleep now if you tried! So if you find yourself up all night and suffering from insomnia (sorry, my bad), then why don’t you fill your time by letting us know of any great gaming deals we may have missed down in the replies!


iOS deals:


The Humble Weekly Sale

Pay what you want and get the following great games from Cipher Prime;

Pay $6 or more and also get;


The Humble Bundle with Android 7 (new games added)

Pay what you want and get;

Pay more than the average and also get;

  • Worms Reloaded (review)
  • The Bard’s Tale
  • Broken Sword: Director’s Cut
  • Organ Trail: Director’s Cut (review)
  • Anomaly Korea (review)
  • Ticket to Ride Europe DLC

news Rebellious Reduction Weekend Promo

Save 60% on 13 great games, including;


Other deals:

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