Free Games and Sales: PopCap’s 50% off sale, The Sims 3 and more!

It’s Friday.  There’s a pretty good chance that means its paycheck day.  But why use that money for silly things like food and shelter when there are games to be played!

This weekend’s list might look a little short, but looks can be deceiving.  For example, hidden among the games you see below is a chance to buy any PopCap game you could ever want for 50% off?  Or a chance to play the indie darling Waveform for less than $2?  Or a chance to get a unique iOS hidden object game for free?

Of course, if we were negligent in our duties and missed a great sale, we implore you – tell us in the comments below.  Don’t let your fellow readers’ wallets suffer because of our ineptitude.


iOS Game Deals


The Sims 3 Sale on Origin


Other Deals

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