Free Games and Sales: Plants vs. Zombies, Royal Envoy and more!

Great game deals are like the tide.  Some weekends, when the tide is high, there are so many great game deals that we can’t possibly include them all in a single post.  Other weekends, when the tide is low, the deals are few and far between. 

But while it may be another low tide weekend for deals, don’t let the lack of quantity be a comment on the quality.  Top notch indie titles and a few classics are 50% off at GOG, you can pick up a slew of up-and-comers in a new bundle, and you can even put Royal Envoy in your pocket for free!  What more could you possible ask for?

Did we miss a deal? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


iOS Deals

news – Assorted April Games Sale

The following games are 50% off their original price this weekend;


Build a Greenlight 2 Bundle

Pay $1.50 or more and get the following games;

  • Darkout
  • Grimind (review)
  • Ichi (review)
  • Gravi
  • Little Racers STREET
  • Enamel
  • Crow (review)
  • Draconian Wars (review)
  • Death Ray Manta
  • Reversion – The Meeting
  • Ensign-1


Indie Royale: The Lunar Bundle

Pay more than the minimum and get the following games;


Other Deals

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