Free Games and Sales: Papa Sangre II, Trouserheart and more!

I’ll tell ya, my wallet has really been hurting this month after shelling out hundreds of dollars on the newest next-generation home gaming consoles, and so scooping up a ton of great games for mere pennies on the dollar is exactly what I need right now. I could also probably use some fresh air too, but who has the time to dillydally around outside when you have all of these free games and sales to look into?

You don’t need to spend $499 to get a whole swarm of awesomely discounted games like Papa Sangre II and Anodyne Mobile for your iPhone and iPad; you don’t need a $60 yearly subscription to scoop up all the latest and greatest games from the 10tons catalogue; and you certainly don’t need to spend $120 for a handful of launch games when you’ve got Gamezebo’s own iShooter Gamer Bundle for a mere $4.99!

So which games are you picking up this weekend with the spare change that you have left after this month’s big next-gen console releases? Did we happen to miss any good deals that are still out there during our money-spending stupor? Let us know in the replies!


Gamezebo’s iShooter Gamer Bundle

Get 4 action-packed games on Steam for only $4.99, including;


iOS deals:


10tons 10th Anniversary Sale

Developer 10tons is holding a weekend sale where all of their titles can be picked up for only $0.99 apiece on all available platforms, including;


The Humble Store

Great new deals are happening each and every day on the newly-launched Humble Store! Some of the current deals at the time of this writing include;

  • FTL: Faster Than Light – $3.39 (review)
  • Limbo – $2.49 (review)
  • Papo & Yo – $3.75 (review)
  • The Binding of Isaac – $1.99 (review)
  • Shank 2 – $2.49


Other deals:

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