Free Games and Sales: Fallout, Super Hexagon and more!

Toot-toot!  All aboard the weekend savings train!  I’m your conductor, Mr. Hates-to-pay-full-price-for-games.  It’s a long name, but hey – it’s accurate. 

As it turns out, this weekend’s deals could use a train to carry them all.  Not only are there some games that earned a perfect score on Gamezebo with slashed prices for iOS gamers, but there are a few huge shops having storewide savings that will make your head spin!

Did we miss any deals with mentioning? Be sure to hop on the caboose below and let us know in the comments section.


iOS Deals


Storewide Sales

  • – 475 games on sale
  • Gamehouse – All games are 40% off, use coupon code: HOLIDAY
  • Awem – up to 50% off all games, use coupon code: SNOWY
  • Gamersgate – 175 games on sale, buy 4 pay for 3


Eclectic Delights Bundle (Bundle in a Box)

Pay what you want and get;

  • Shadows on the Vatican: Act 1
  • Delve Deeper + DLC (review)
  • War of the Human Tanks (review)
  • Eversion
  • Fibrillation

Pay more than the average and get;

  • The Adventures of Shuggy (review)
  • The 4th Wall
  • Skylight
  • Stay Dead
  • Flibble
  • Shadow on the Vactican, Act 2 (pre-order)


Indiefort Ignition Bundle

Pay $4.00 and get;

  • Achron
  • Alien Shooter 2 Conscription
  • Orczz (review)
  • Syder Arcade


Other Deals

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