Free Games and Sales: DLC Quest, Plants vs. Zombies and more!

Video games aren’t cheap.  It’s a shame, but it’s also a fact of life that we all have to accept.  So if you only have five dollars in nickels in your pocket (or, more aptly, your PayPal account), there’s not much gaming you can do, right? 


In fact with only five dollars you can get your hands on more than half the games in this week’s sales roundup!  There are plenty of free games to be had on iOS and pay-what-you-want opportunities on PC.  The only place you might go over is with the Apogee Action Weekend sale on (though how any Apogee action sale is complete without Halloween Harry/Alien Carnage is absolutely beyond me).

Did we miss any great deals this weekend?  Please let us (and your fellow readers) know in the comments below!


iOS Game Deals


Indie Royale: The Chosen Bundle

Pay more than the average price and get;

  • Hard Reset (Review)
  • Jolly Rover (Review)
  • Vertex Dispenser
  • DLC Quest
  • Lair of the Evildoer


The Humble Bundle: Mojam 2

Pay what you want and get brand new games made by the following developers over the span of three days (and watch them make them!);

  • Mojang (3 games)
  • Oxeye
  • Wolfire
  • Grapefrukt
  • Ludosity

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Other Deals

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