Free Games and Sales: Combo Crew, Hero of Many and more!

Sometimes it can be a little frustrating to be an Android user when it comes to getting new games, as the iOS platform often seems to get all of the best games, or at the very least, gets them a whole lot sooner than us dedicated and patient Android users. But now all of that patience is being rewarded this week, as the latest internet gaming deals bring us two exciting new bundles that are specifically geared towards Android devices!

That’s right, Android users will now be able to indulge in the wonderful Humble Mobile Bundle 3 for Android, which even features the platform debuts of Ridiculous Fishing and Swordigo. And in addition to that, you’ll also be able to browse a brand new website that promises to specialize in Android-focused bundles, with their very first one up for the picking right now. But not to worry: there are also still plenty of deals swirling around for our iOS and PC/Mac friends as well. Everyone wins!

Found any other good gaming deals for Android or any other platform that we may have missed in our search this week? Be a pal and let us know about them down in the replies!


iOS deals:


Android games bundle on

Kick things off with the debut “Numero Uno” bundle for the new Android-focused bundle site, Get the following great games on Android for only $2.49;

  • They Need to Be Fed
  • Bridge Constructor Playground
  • Hero of Many (review)
  • Don’t Run with a Plasma Sword
  • Streetfood Tycoon Extreme


Humble Mobile Bundle 3 for Android

Pay what you want and get the following great games on Android;

Pay more than the average and also get;


The Outer Limits Bundle on Bundle Stars

Get the following 10 games for only $4.02 on Bundle Stars;

  • UFO Extraterrestrials Gold
  • Blades of Time Limited Edition
  • Insane 2
  • Hydrophobia Prophecy
  • Race Injection
  • Warfare
  • Puzzle Kingdoms
  • Gumboy Tournament
  • Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold
  • Razor2: Hidden Skies


Other deals:

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