Free Games and Sales: Anodyne, Dungeons & Dragons and more!

If you consider yourself an indie games enthusiast, this weekend’s roundup has the perfect bundle!  Something Zelda-inspired, something well-revered in the world of indie RPG’s, something… about call centers?  You can get them all (and more) for just a few of your hard-earned shekels.

Outside of the aforementioned bundle, though, it’s not a great weekend for deals.  If you like classic D&D games, has you covered; and if you’ve somehow managed to miss Rayman’s exquisite endless runner, it’s just under a buck on iOS – but overall, we’re really talking slim pickings.

Don’t agree?  Prove me wrong!  If we missed any great sales, please let us know in the comments below.


iOS Game Deals


Retro Groupee Bundle

Pay a minimum of $1 and get the following games;

  • Dead Pixels
  • Forceline
  • Love+
  • Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos
  • Sylia: Act I (review)
  • Hit and Run (CNB Special Edition)

Pay a minimum of $3 and get the above, plus;

  • Anodyne
  • 8-Bit Commando
  • Bleed


Green Man Gaming Weekend Deals


Other Deals

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