Free Games and Sales: Angry Birds Space, Baldur’s Gate, and more!

You work hard, you play hard – but you shouldn’t have to spend hard.  Video gamers rejoice! Another great weekend jam-packed with games sales and freebies is upon us. 

This weekend sees a little something for everyone, from old school Dungeons & Dragons fans to pocket gamers that just went to shoot birds into space.  We’ve even found a great deal on the original X-Com titles for all the retro strategists out there.

Do you know of any great deals we missed?  Be sure to let your fellow readers know in the comments below!


iOS Games Deals


65% off Dungeons & Dragons games at


Deep Space Bundle – pay what you want

  • Space Giraffe
  • Death Ray Manta
  • The Wreckless
  • Dark Scavenger (review)
  • Armalyte
  • Sol: Exodus (review)
  • Miner Wars Arena
  • RobotRiot



Build a Bundle 3 – pay what you want

  • Secret of the Magic Crystals
  • Detour
  • Omegalodon
  • War in a Box: Paper Tanks
  • APOX
  • CreaVures (review)
  • Chrome + SpecForce
  • Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World (review)
  • 99 Levels to Hell



Other Deals

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