Fox announces Family Guy mobile game for 2014

Fox Digital Entertainment has announced today that Family Guy will be getting its very first officially licensed mobile game in 2014! As a huge fan of the popular cartoon show, this news couldn’t be more exciting, as we’ve already seen how well some of Fox’s other successful primetime cartoons have fared in the mobile games space, such as EA’s The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Fox has selected TinyCo to handle the developing duties on this one, the same studio that brought us games like Tiny Monsters and Spellstorm in the past, and who have now doubled their team size to take on this ambitious new task.

While specific details about the game are still being kept under wraps for now, TinyCo says that Family Guy will be a simulation game of sorts, in which players will get a chance to recreate the town of Quahog where the Griffins and all of their friends reside on the show. However, both companies felt that similar games on the mobile platform today have been severely lacking in terms of a deep story and character interactions, and so with their new Family Guy game, a big emphasis will be placed on the many characters from the expansive Family Guy universe that fans of the series all know and love.


Through the different gameplay mechanics and “strange occurrences” in the story, Family Guy will remain true to the world, the characters, and of course, the humor that has become such a staple in the long-running cartoon series. In fact, the game itself was written by several writers at Fuzzy Door, the same production company that makes Family Guy, and even several actors from the show are currently recording voiceover work for different characters in the game. TinyCo and Fox both feel that the upcoming game will hit the visual style of Family Guy dead-on, with the ultimate goal of having it play just like an episode of the TV show.

The free-to-play Family Guy game is currently slated for an early 2014 release, and will be seeing a simultaneous launch on both iOS and Android platforms. We’ll be sure to keep you updated in the meantime as soon as more details begin to emerge with regards to the gameplay, the story, and the familiar faces you might see around town (I’ve got my fingers crossed that Peter’s nemesis, the giant chicken, will make an appearance). So now can I get a resounding “Giggity!” on this news?!

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