Fortune Miles Away Is A Racing Game Powered By A Growing Community

Fortune Miles Away isn’t just your standard crowdfunded title – trust us.

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Fortune Miles Away isn’t just your standard crowdfunded title, but a racing game that’s looking to captivate players and build a community in the process – and so far has done so, and then some.

The Indiegogo page is launching on July 25th, and it’s a campaign that’s been carefully designed and judged. Come and judge it by yourself there!

Game Studio Ant One Entertainment is looking for you to contribute financially and get curated perks, but it also wants your feedback on shaping the game moving forward.

But what’s the game actually like? You play as a racing driver tasked to prove their worth through epic chases, races, and specific missions.

As you complete more of these tasks across 2 giant maps (the countryside and a coastal city) your reputation and your driving expertise in the open-world grows, where a secret society reveals itself. To say any more about them would be to ruin the surprise, but trust us – you’ll want to know more

Environments are filled with traffic and activities, and you have complete freedom where you go and what you do. There are 50 playable cars across 14 brands, an original soundtrack by DJ Arman Kupalitch to listen along to, and 16 characters with full and engaging back stories. This is a racing game with personality, not something you can say about many games in the genre and from the look of it, it is going to deliver a very strong storyline.

For a game with such a strong emphasis on community there’s some impressive multiplayer options too. You can challenge your friends by creating custom challenges, meaning the fun to be had here is, technically, endless. The Mission Creator, as they call it, allows players to set their own missions, including crazy options, where you can even spawn Zombies!

Fortune Miles Away is gaining momentum with its community. The developers want your feedback on every step of the development process to make the game the best possible experience it can be. Grab your chance to be part of this unique opportunity by backing them and being a VIP when selecting your preferred reward.

Check it out now, you can find the official Indiegogo page for the game right here – there’s an official site you can check out too. Enjoy the thrill of the race!