Flurry is the latest iOS and Android games publisher

Game companies are launching mobile game publishing programs at a flurrious place!

Flurry, best known for its mobile analytics software and AppCircle, its app recommendation engine, has launched its own publishing program.

Flurry’s new Game Acceleration Program will provide iOS and Android app companies with a slew of services, including analytics, game design, funding, and marketing assistance.

As reported by Techcrunch, the most interesting aspect to this announcement is that they hired games veteran Jeferson Valadares as their GM of Games. Mr. Valadares comes from Playfish and Digital Chocolate before that, and has worked on numerous popular mobile and social games, including one of my favorites, Tower Bloxx.

This accouncement comes on the heels of Tapjoy’s announcement yesterday that they want to get into the publishing action and my observation from the Games Developer Conference, that everyone and their mother wants to be a mobile game publisher this year.

Flurry boasts that they can reach 80 million users now but the big players in this market, of course are Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Until they make the playing field level, game developers will have to pay lots of money for distribution on App Stores, sign up with a publisher, or pray that lightening strikes and they get a hit.

More info: VentureBeat

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