Flowers! 14 gardening games in time for spring

By Erin Bell |

The first day of spring is March 20, which you might find a little hard to believe if you’re like me and can still look outside your window and see snow on the ground. Nevertheless, one of the best parts of spring is when all of the beautiful flowers start blooming again! In honor of that, we’ve put together a roundup of games that are all about flowers and plants.

Plantasia (Download)

Plantasia is a blend of action, strategy, and a light coating of fairy dust, hovering neatly around the surprisingly frantic world of horticulture. Tend gardens by digging, gathering, planting, and protecting your buds from hazards. If simple gardening tools aren’t enough, call upon a set of handy fairy powers to give you a little boost. This 5-star game shouldn’t be missed!

Plant Tycoon (Download)

One of the earliest games from Last Days of Work (of Virtual Villagers fame), this sedately-paced simulation is all about cross-breeding plants to see how many interesting varieties you can come up with while using the cash you get from selling them to maintain and upgrade your nursery.

Fiona Finch and the Finest Flowers (Download)

This time management game focuses strictly on flowers and fruit as you find yourself in charge of a decent-sized swath of green space that can be customized any way you want. Players move on to the next round by making sure the garden contains a certain number of blooming plants of different varieties, and is kept free of weeds.

Flower Quest (Download)

Legend tells of a long-lost place known as Flower Land. It’s a young elf maiden’s destiny to clear the fog surrounding this enchanted kingdom to its singular beauty with mankind. To do so, you’ll connect flowers by rotating the vines separating them in order to make matches and clear them from the board.

Flower Paradise (Download)
Create your very own exotic gardens in this match-3 game by swapping flowers to make grass grow on patches of dirt. use the money you earn to decorate your gardens with flowers, animals, and decor, and save a picture of your garden to set as your computer’s desktop.

Flower Shop (Download)

Please the customers of your florist shop in this time management by filling their orders, planting the right seeds, cutting and wrapping the flowers, and delivering the finished bouquet.

Flower Stand Tycoon (Download)
Stock your delivery cart with flowers and hit the pavement, visiting different neighborhoods and juggling supply and demand. You can upgrade your cart, research new plant species, and squeeze out

competitors by taking over more market share.

Plant This! (Download)

This tower defense game pits plant against pest. As waves of slugs, ants, beetles and other enemies descend in waves from the top of the screen, you must prevent them from reaching the bottom by strategically planting various flowers to create a cunning floral maze.

Plants vs. Zombies (Download)

This game is so great that we’ll happily shoe-horn it into as many round-ups as we can… thankfully it’s not too much of a stretch to include this tower defense-style game in a roundup about flowers, since it’s all about using an army of plants to defend your lawn from an invading undead horde.

Bee Garden (Download)
Help the hardworking bees plant beautiful flowers and harvest the nectar in this beautiful 3D time management game. The Queen Bee has taken off and left you in charge, so it’s up to you to produce enough honey to keep customers happy by fighting off beetles and other pests.

Kelly Green: Garden Queen (Download)
Help Kelly manage the nursery she’s just inherited by planting flowers and herbs and serving customers. The games runs through each of the four seasons, each of which has an effect on which seeds are available and which pests threaten your crops. The light and landscape changes too, which adds to the game’s wonderful atmosphere.

Gardening Mama (iPhone)
Mama (of Cooking Mama fame) trades her spatula for a trowel in this collection of gardening-themed mini-games. You’ll be planting seeds, fertilizing and watering plants, spraying fertilizer, and all kinds of other activities sure to add a little green to your thumb.

Lorax Garden (iPhone)

Dr. Seuss’s classic children’s book – which also serves an allegory about the environment and the impact we have on it – comes to the App Store as a gardening simulator whose story takes over from where the book left off. Travel from land to land transforming dreary landscapes into wonders of nature by growing trees and flowers.

Miracle Garden (Facebook)
This Facebook gardening sim takes a different approach than the usual FarmVille-inspired games. Instead of unlocking new plants based on your experience level, in Miracle Garden you can only unlock new species of flower to plant by cross-breeding them, either by doing it yourself or obtaining new species from your friends.

Did we leave something off the list? Let us know what your favorite flower-themed games are by leaving a comment below!

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