Flappy Bird is coming back, “but not soon”

Well that didn’t take long. It was only last week that Rolling Stone published an interview with Dong Ngyuen, the creator of Flappy Bird, that led to a fury of “will he/won’t he?” speculation about the game being returned to the App Store. When asked by Peter Travers if he Flappy Bird would ever take flight again, Nguyen responded “I’m considering it.”

But where Peter Travers failed to get a concrete answer, Twitter has now succeeded.

In response to a similar question by tweeter @painfullpacman, Nguyen has confirmed that Flappy Bird is indeed heading back to the App Store: “Yes. But not soon.”


It should be interesting to see just how well the bird manages to take flight once more after the fallout from the original. Apple and Google have both been rejecting games with “Flappy” in the title, and Nguyen may be surprised to find an uphill battle waiting for him on this front. Similarly, a recent article on VentureBeat argues that Apple’s terms of service might prevent him from using the game’s name a second time: “The SKU or name can’t be reused in the same organization.”

All that said, the press surrounding a possible title-struggle certainly isn’t going to hurt Nguyen any. And with three more titles in the hopper (Kitty Jetpack, Checkonaut and a cowboy-shooter are in production), every bit of press is only going to help.

[via Gawker]

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