Fitoons is a fitness app that lets you feed broccoli to a snowboarding cat

By Marc Hewitt |


Persuading kids to eat healthily and exercise is almost as difficult as discouraging them from playing on their tablets. Here’s an app that solves both problems at once.

Fitoons is a fun, colorful, gloriously bonkers lifestyle app dressed as a game. It allows users to choose from six different human and animal characters and put them to work in the kitchen, as well as in a number of wholesome exercise scenarios.

The app is split into three different activities: dressing up, cooking, and exercising.

The dressing room is, obviously, where you kit your character out in various items of stylish and practical sportswear.

In the kitchen, you can experiment with 45 different foodstuffs, chopping, boiling, frying, baking, blending, and then feeding the results to your willing subjects to see how they react.

You have all different types of food in your larder, from wholesome vegetables to sugary cakes. Everything you feed to your character will have an effect on its body, for good or ill. In the most amusing way possible. the app aims to demonstrate how diet can impact a person’s health and appearance.

Then there’s the sports and workouts scene, where you get to engage in a spot of all-important exercise, from gym-work to snowboarding. You can interact with your character in real time, mastering rhythm, breathing, and timing – all the elements you need to be in control of if you want to exercise successfully in real life.

Just as your character will suddenly grow a pot belly if you overfeed them with pizza in the kitchen, they’ll get trimmer and stronger in the exercise yard. Again, the emphasis is on giving direct  visual feedback to demonstrate the effects of particular behaviours.

As you put your character through the paces you’ll earn stars that you can spend on new foods and characters, adding a neat gamification element to proceedings.

We think Fitoons seems like a top idea. It looks great, too, with original artwork and a unique zany style. Download it on the App Store right now.

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