First big Order & Chaos Online update is on the way

We’ve made no secret of our love for Order & Chaos Online, the World of Warcraft style MMO from Gameloft that hit the iPhone and iPad last month. But for an MMO to survive, it needs fresh content updated regularly. Some sceptics have been quick to point out that Gameloft doesn’t really have much of a history of providing new content to their games, which is reason enough for any MMO gamer to quake in their Level 17 +2 ATK Silver Plated Boots of War. Thankfully however, it looks like our fears can be laid to rest. Courtesy of a post on the game’s official forums, we now know that the first big content update is on the way.

This first update is set to add a number of things that players have been clamouring for, including new content for those who’ve zipped through the game’s many levels already. Here’s the complete list of what to expect;

  • New quests will be added in the last two high-level regions
  • A server migration system will be implemented, allowing you to change your server
  • The cost needed to teleport from one city to another will be adjusted
  • The amount of money lost upon dying will be adjusted
  • All cemeteries will become non-Player-versus-Player areas (non-PvP), meaning no player will be able to attack another one in a cemetery
  • A teleport will be added in Greenmont
  • Additional content and several bug fixes will also be implemented…

Lots of good news here – especially for those of us who were tired of buying teleport scrolls or making a lengthy hike from the nearest teleport location to get back and forth to Greenmont.

Even better though, is the promise of new content down the road after this initial update. The Gameloft representative posting in the game’s official forum confirmed that a number of player requests are being filled in future updates, including dungeons, PvP arenas, a raised level cap and more.

There’s no official word on a release date for this first update, but whenever it comes, it sounds like it will be well worth the wait.

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