First Anniversary Events For Mythic Heroes Players To Look Forward To

Mythic Heroes, the popular AFK Idle RPG, celebrates its First Anniversary! And to celebrate, the developers are handing out a host of rewards, new rankings, exclusive items at the Marketplace, and events that give players the opportunity to earn additional rewards.

As a quick reminder, Mythic Heroes is a game where players create a team of Gods and Heroes to fight in a war against the Shadow. Players can enhance their character’s skills and abilities, unlock new weapons and prepare for battle.

Fireworks Festival

The one-year anniversary of Mythic Heroes sees the return of the Fireworks Festival. Fireworks can be collected by completing daily quests. Launching them into the sky means that players can earn Fortune Bags, which can then be spent on items in the exclusive event store.

The Fireworks Festival launches on September 3rd.

Kingdom Raiders

Another major event to celebrate the first anniversary of Mythic Heroes is the Kingdom Raiders team battle.

In this event, a pirate king hid a treasure trove in an enchanted sea. Players will compete to control as much of the enchanted sea as possible, to claim as much of the Pirate Gold as possible.

Rewards will be distributed based on how many squares your team occupies at the end of the battle period. And once again, this can be put towards exclusive items from the event marketplace. This gold will be available to spend during the last two days of the event.

Other Rewards

Mythic Heroes is also offering a host of check-in rewards in the build-up to the anniversary itself. These include Summon Scrolls, Inherited Divinity, Fortune Chests, and Diamonds. 

Then on the anniversary itself on September 6, players will be able to claim Hero Shards, Skin vouchers, and an exclusive Anniversary Avatar Frame.

The game is available on both Google Play and App Store, download it for free right now! For further information and updates, follow the official Mythic Heroes page on Facebook, or on their Discord

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