Feast your eyes on 166 game prototypes for the OUYA

Kill Screen and the folks behind the OUYA recently teamed up to host a 10-day game jam which challenged developers from all over the world to create game prototypes for the OUYA. The result was a whopping 166 entries, all of which can be checked out here.

The OUYA console hasn’t been released yet, and as such you can’t play any of these prototypes. But there’s a video for each one, and they’re all competing in a contest to win $45,000 worth of prizes. The contest will be judged by Fez creator Phil Fish, actress Felicia Day, Canabalt creator Adam Saltsman, OUYA advisor and Xbox co-creator Ed Fries, SpellTower creator Zach Gage, and more. But the judges aren’t the only deciding influence, as how well the videos of the prototypes perform on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will factor in as well.

166 video is, well, a lot of videos. But they’re certainly worth checking out, as there are all sorts of clever ideas and mechanics on display in them. But if you’re pressed for time, we recommend at least looking at Television, Neon Shadow, Goldilocks and the 3000 Bears, and Resonance.

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