FarmVille goes Asian in their latest expansion, Jade Falls

Here’s an interesting fact you may not realize: 21 million people are still playing FarmVille every month according to That may be a far cry from the 80+ million that the game had at its peak, but it’s still enough to keep it in the #3 slot for Facebook games. And the two games that are beating it? Zynga’s other cash cows – Zynga Poker and CityVille. So while you might say “really Zynga? ANOTHER FarmVille expansion?!?” – there are 21 million farm hands that probably disagree with you.

Joining FarmVille‘s four previous expansions – English Countryside, Lighthouse Cove, Winter Wonderland and Hawaiian Paradise – Jade Falls will transport players to a mysterious Asian paradise. Players will be able to plant Asian crops like wasabi, rice, and green tea, add Asian animals like pandas and dragons, and construct Asian buildings.

Are you picking up on a theme yet? Because if you’re not, it’s “Asian.”


In addition to the new items, players will also be treated to new quests and characters, and will have one big new feature – the ability to plant on terraces, where your plants will never wither.

All of this sounds great, but seriously Zynga – where’s FarmVille 2? Rumors of the game in action surfaced last month under the name Big Harvest, but since then, not a peep. Expansions are great and all, but we’d like to move forward rather than around the world.

Jade Falls is available in “early access” now, and will be available next week to all players level 15 or higher.

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