Farm Story update introduces social gameplay

When we reviewed Farm Story earlier this month, our hearts broke. On the one hand we had a game that absolutely proved to the world that Facebook-style farming games could work on the iPhone. On the other, we had a broken, stripped-down mess that forgot to include the “social” element that makes social gaming so popular. The developers at TeamLava have seen the error of their ways and have introduced true social gameplay into Farm Story this morning with the release of version 1.1.

This new version sees a number of improvements;

– Invite your friends to visit your farm, water your crops, and write on your wall.
– Fertilize and water crops for bonus coins and XP.
– Push Notifications.
– Performance improvements.
– More crops, trees, buildings, decorations, and animals.

If you were turned off of Farm Story by our earlier review, it’s probably time to give this game a second look. If these new twists are implemented as well as we hope, Farm Story might just become the mobile FarmVille we’ve all been waiting for after all.

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