Farm Heroes Saga now fits in your pocket (in select markets)

If you’re a fan of King’s style of play, you’ve had plenty to get excited about in the last few weeks. Whether it’s Papa Pear Saga going mobile worldwide or the launch of Pepper Panic Saga on Facebook, you’ve no doubt lost more than a few hours to their patented brand of gaming. And now, if you live in Canada, Romania, Sweden or Spain, you’re about to lose a few more: Farm Heroes Saga is launching today on mobile devices in your territory.

Originally launched on Facebook back in April, Farm Heroes Saga is a match-3 game that swaps the tooth-rotting sweetness of candy for the healthy-inducing sweetness of fruit (and other crops). In our review, we were quick to point out both it’ addictive nature and occasionally frustrating difficulty – two hallmarks of King game design. “It’s the cutest game you’ll ever rage at,” reviewer Nadia Oxford said.


If you don’t live in one of these select markets, you may not have too long to wait. While no definitive date has been given, we’ve been told that mobile gamers worldwide can be expecting to play this one in early 2014.

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