Failbetter Games launches StoryNexus, a text adventure creation tool

By Dant Rambo |

Text adventure games have been making quite the comeback recently, and few companies know that better than Failbetter Games. Creators of hits like Fallen London and Cabinet Noir, they’ve quickly proven themselves to be masters of the niche (but well-loved) genre. But the text adventure revival needs all the help it can get, and that’s why Failbetter has launched the StoryNexus platform. With it, users can create their own text adventure games, as well as play ones created by Failbetter themselves.

StoryNexus’ piece de resistance is the Quality-Based Narrative system, a tool that enables users to create text-based games without any sort of coding knowledge. With that massive obstacle out of the way, focus can instead be directed towards the nitty-gritty of penning a compelling world and narrative. Have you been sitting on an exciting idea for a universe teeming with demonic capybaras? Now’s your chance to both bring it to life and potentially profit from it!

Users also have access to a growing library of pictures and themes to bake into their creation, with the intention of allowing for custom artwork and themes in a future update. I have a feeling you’ll need to provide your own images for that capybara idea, unfortunately.

And as already mentioned, StoryNexus is more than just a creation platform. You can also play games there, including Fallen London and Cabinet Noir. If that’s not enough, there are also currently over 700 user-created “worlds” for your perusal. I’m pretty sure that breaks the record for most worlds to ever exist in one place.

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