Faif Creator Brings Kapsula to Android

Last February I discovered a great little game that sucked up a few days worth of my free time. The game was Faif, and it was just charming. Faif is a match-five game of chance where players select five adjacent tiles and the game randomly selects which one of the tiles is activated. The tiles all have different shapes which indicate their use; for example the heart tile (if chosen) would give the player back a heart of health. Faif was perfect for casual gaming while watching TV or just killing a few minutes during a lunch break at work.

Kapsula is nothing like Faif.

In Kapsula, players must navigate their capsule-car through a congested highway of other capsule cars. The player’s car is white and if driven next to another capsule car, the new car becomes attached to the player’s car. Players get points for then crashing cars into other cars, or walls, of the same color. The gameplay is fast and pretty difficult, a large step away from what Beavl delivered with Faif. Which could be good or bad, depending on your opinion of Faif.

Kapsula has recently been made available as an discounted early access purchase for Android users. Beavl encourages players to reach out with their suggestions for gameplay improvements, and hosts a public changelog on the game’s website.

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