Evil Genius Online is coming to Facebook and Zynga.com later this year

Superheros are so overrated. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at how well super-villain themed games have been doing around these parts lately. We all like to take a trip to the proverbial dark side every now and then, and pretty soon, developer Rebellion will let us jump mask-first into the world of super-villains with a new social and free-to-play successor to 2004’s Evil Genius. Dubbed as Evil Genius Online, the new super-villain simulator will see a simultaneous launch on Facebook and Zynga.com later this year.

Alongside the game’s official announcement on Rebellion’s Facebook page, Evil Genius Online is said to feature “cutting-edge browser technology,” and promises to stay true to the original’s gameplay, world domination vision, and super-villain humor. Like the first Evil Genius game, players will be tasked with constructing an intricate underground super-villain lair, in their quest to become the greatest super-villain that the world has ever known! And considering the new social platform the game will find itself on, we can probably expect all kinds of interaction with our fellow super-villain friends on Facebook as well.

While we haven’t seen any screenshots of Evil Genius Online in action just yet, it’s pretty safe to say that they’ll be equal parts evil and genius-y. A closed beta period will be introduced at some point before the game’s full release later on this fall, although it looks like the beta registration has unfortunately already been filled at the time of this writing. I guess there are a whole lot of evil geniuses out there looking to make the most of their cunning and dastardly deeds!

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