Events, Features, and Two New SSR+ Teammates in the Latest Tower of God: New World Update

Tower of God: New World has a new update, and it’s massive!

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Tower of God: New World, Netmarble’s visually stunning collectible card game spinoff of the popular Korean webtoon, has just received a ton of new content, features, and events in its latest game-changing update. 

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get right down to business.

First up, there are two new teammates to collect: SSR+ [Data] Khun Edahn (Yellow Element, Ranged Spear Bearer) and SSR+ [Assassin] Khun Kiseia (Purple Element, Assassin, Scout). 

Plus, there are five new costumes to equip, including [Data] Khun Edahn ‘Ruler of the Family’, [Lightning] Khun Masceny ‘Exalted Butterfly’s Dream, and [Gamer] Khun Hatzling ‘Dignified Wanderer.

The newly added Guardian’s Test feature, meanwhile, takes inspiration from Revolution Road, a model of training showcased in the original webcomic. To walk the Revolution Road you’ll need to challenge daily stages outside the main Adventure mode, earning rewards in the process.

Then there’s the new Free Daily Summon Feature, which gifts you the chance to summon a teammate and five free summons every day.

To mark the arrival of all this neat new stuff, Netmarble is running several time-limited events in tandem, all set to run until October 4th. 

There’s a Story Event, called The Khun Family Fall Festival, which lets you play a whole new raft of story content featuring the Khun family, in the form of both Story and Free stages. 

And there’s a Fall Festival Mission Event, which sees you completing all of the missions from the Khun Family Fall Festival to earn a variety of rewards, including Normal Summon Tickets x 40, SSR Soulstones x60, and a whole lot more. 

Throughout the event period you’ll also be able to visit the Fall Festival Event Exchange Shop and exchange the items you’ve collected during The Khun Family Fall Festival for Khun Kiseia costume and SSR Khun Hatzling. 

Lastly, there’s the Fall Festival Check-In Event, which simply showers you with Normal Summon Tickets, Suspendium, and a ton of other stuff for checking in every day. 

To join the party, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download Tower of God: New World for free right now. 

There’s also a PC version, available on Google Play Games Beta