ESA: Game design summer camps on the rise

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has stated their research has determined there are over 300 childrens’ game design summer camps in the United States. The ESA feels these summer programs have been increasing thanks to the rise in game design careers, along with the focus of STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education.

Rich Taylor, the ESA’s senior vice president for communications and industry affairs said, “With the nation’s renewed focus on STEM education, I’m encouraged to see a complementary growth in camps where students explore their personal interest in game design, learn valuable skills, and perhaps most important, have fun doing it.”

Taylor also feels that with videogames increasingly being used as educational tools, these summer camps will ultimately help America stay competitive (at least in the video game and technology industry) going deeper into the 21st century.

In these summer programs, students spend a week or two learning various game design skills and working on games for mobile devices. The 300+ programs are located at select colleges, middle schools, and high schools in 27 states. While a large number of the programs are located in California, the rest of them are spread out all over the United States. A list of game design summer camps can be found on the ESA website.

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