Zynga launches FarmVille.com

Zynga has launched FarmVille.com, a new web site that integrates with Facebook Connect so that people can play Facebook’s most popular game on the standalone portal instead of through Facebook itself.

When players visit FarmVille.com, they can click on a link that logs them into their Facebook account using the same login information they would use to connect to Facebook itself. Then, from within a game window on the website, players can access their FarmVille game (or start a new one) along with familiar features like the Game Feed where they can see what their friends are doing, shopping for virtual items, and checking in on neighbors. Players can opt to publish FarmVille-related news and status updates to their Facebook news feed.

Zynga reached another milestone this week when the company announced that it has more than 200 million monthly active users across all of its social games, which include FarmVille, Café World and FishVille. Café World, launched in September, has surpassed 9 million daily active users, while FishVille has crossed 6 million daily active users since its launch earlier this month. FarmVille is the largest social game in the world with more than 65 million virtual farmers, 26 million of which play the game every day.

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