Epic Seven World Arena Championship 2022 Begins – This Is How You Can Follow The Action


Smilegate Megaport have announced the schedule for the main matches of 2022 E7WC, its global esports competition for Epic Seven players. They also confirmed how you can watch the action.

For the uninitiated, Epic Seven is a hit mobile RPG, developed by Super Creative, and service by Smilegate Megaport, and available on iOS, Android, and Amazon Appstore.

With around 13 million players worldwide, there are over 650 stories to complete, as well as the option to play alongside other players, or against other players in Arena combat. And it’s in the Arena where the E7WC will happen. 

The Seven World Arena Championship takes place on August 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th. Quarterfinals are scheduled on August 20th. The Semifinals, and Lower Bracket First Round matches will take place on the 21st. The 27th will see Lower Brack Rounds 2 and 3, while the finals themselves will start on August 28th. The Upper Bracket Final, The Lower Bracket Final and then The Grand Final, to decide who earns the title of the greatest Heir of the year. 

And Smilegate Megaport have done their best to make the experience as interactive as possible for fans who want to tune in.

In an effort to make the event as accessible to as wide an audience as possible, the 2022 E7WC main matches will be broadcast via Epic Seven’s official YouTube and Twitch channels. Broadcasts will be available in four languages: English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. The official Epic Seven content creators will also be supporting content in Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Beyond broadcasting the matches in multiple languages, main matches will also be available in XR (extended reality) to further immerse viewers in the experience.   

And finally, a series of events surrounding the competition have been scheduled. These include:

A Twitch drops event, where content creators who are participating in the Epic Creator Program will be livestreaming. Viewers will be given rewards such as the Greater Equipment Charm, Greater Accessory Charm and Leif.

A Viewing Event will allow viewers to join in. By watching the E7WC Livestream, capturing a screenshot and posting it on STOVE or on their social media pages, participants will receive Energy, and will also have the chance to win some official Epic Seven merchandise. 

Jae-Hoon Jung, department head of Smilegate Megaport, said that, “We would like to thank our viewers who have been supporting us since the Qualifiers and will do our best to make E7WC the best summer festival for Epic Seven players around the world.”

Follow all the action when it starts by visiting Epic Seven’s official YouTube and Twitch channels. You can visit the launch page for E7WC by clicking here. Or to learn about Epic Seven, you can find the official community by going here.

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