Epic Seven Announces New Content As E7WC Ends

As the E7WC drew to a successful conclusion, Smilegate Megaport revealed new content that will be coming to Epic Seven as part of the 4th Ezeran Foundation Day celebrations.

The update video covered three main developments: Moonlight Theater, Grace of Growth, and Background Battling. 

Moonlight Theater

Moonlight Theater features new content focused on the background stories of the Epic Seven Moonlight Heroes. Each story is centred on a specific character, and players can earn Mystic medals as rewards. 

Grace of Growth

This is a new system that will allow players to grow a hero to a certain level. It has four stages in total. Unlocking each stage allows the Hero to grow further. It’s a system that’s intended to make life easier for new and returning players, who may not have many Heroes.

Background Battling

Finally, Background Battling is another new system, this time designed to allow
players to assign Repeat Battling on content such as Adventure, Spirit Alter and
Hunt to their pets. Players can then go off and enjoy other content such as Real-
Time arena. Again, this is intended to reduce the amount of Repeat Battling
players have to do, thereby improving the gameplay experience.

Further Updates

Smilegate Megaport announced some other updates as well. New systems are being introduced, including something called Story Banner. The idea with this is that if a player has completed enough side stories, they will then be able to summon the Hero from the Side Story.

In addition, a new lobby background, new systems, and improved rewards for
Labyrinth, and replay feature in Real-Time Worlds Arena are also in the works.

Jae-Hoon Jung, department head of Smilegate Megaport said, “We hope our players continue to support and join us as we are preparing various updates so that Epic Seven, which marks its 4th anniversary this year, can be an even a better game.”

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