Elvis getting his own online social game

If Lady Gaga, Enrique Iglesias, and Jimmy Buffett can star in social games, why not the king himself, Elvis Presley? Well, he will soon, as Entertainment Games has announced a licensing agreement that will see the king of rock and roll star in his very own online game.

Few details about the game have been announced, including its actual title, though it will be “story driven.” Entertainment Games is planning on bringing the game to Facebook, Google+, web browsers, and mobile phones, so you can play with Elvis just about anywhere you like. The game will also include in-game Elvis merchandise for players to purchase.

“Entertainment Games’ mission is to create a totally unique social game experience in which players engage in rich, interactive stories and games that evoke the spirit of past decades and are brought to life by authentic photos and nostalgic celebrity imagery,” said the company’s CCO F.J. Lennon. “Working with Elvis is a career highlight and a dream-come-true for the entire Entertainment Games team.”

While a social game based on a deceased celebrity may sound strange, Elvis does at least have a relatively large presence on Facebook. Currently his official page has close to five million “Likes” and he even has a Twitter account.

No release date was announced for the game.

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