Dungeons & Dragons bets on DoubleDown Casino

When people hear the term “D&D”, they typically think of Dungeons & Dragons.  But what about Double Down?  As in DoubleDown Casino?  Starting this week, the term could just as easily be applied to both. That’s because the latest licensed brand to join the world of DoubleDown slots is none other than nerdom’s quintessential role-playing franchise.

Accessible to players of any level, Dungeons & Dragons: Crystal Caverns offers a fantasy “spin” on traditional slot machines.  In terms of slots mechanics, what sets this one apart from the pack is it’s “Tumbling Reels” feature, where symbols fall from above rather than spin.  This means that when matching symbols are cleared from the board, the pieces above will fall into place and might lead to multiple wins on the same spin.

Dungeons & Dragons is just the latest licensed property to jump into the world of Doubledown Casino.  Previously added properties include The Brady Bunch and American Idol, and we’ve been told even more partnerships are on the way.


All of this talk of fantasy and slots has given me a real hankering to play King Cashing again. But if you prefer your slots of the more traditional variety than that mobile mashup masterpiece (seriously, it’s 99 cents well spent), Dungeons & Dragons: Crystal Caverns is now live in DoubleDown Casino.

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