Draw Something update delivers everything you’ve been hoping for

Have you ever been playing Draw Something and thought to yourself “sure this is great, but it would be even better if it had _____”? Well now it does. Zynga has just announced a slew of new features that are all available via update, and it’s live right now.

The latest additions to Draw Something really read like a “who’s who” of user-demanded features. From a comment system to the ability to share your drawings on Facebook and Twitter, they really seem to have hit all the marks. Here’s the complete breakdown, courtesy of Zynga’s official press release;

  • Sharing is Caring: Show off your #humblebrag masterpieces and #epicfails on Facebook and Twitter in just two clicks. Plus, save drawings to your photo library to email to friends, or use as wallpaper. Available now on iOS, and coming soon for Android.
  • Messaging (and Banter!): Let your fingers do the talking – through your drawings and through new Draw Something comments. Sometimes WTF? LMAO! or OMG! say it all. Attach a short message (up to 100 characters) to your drawing, and your partner will be able to respond after they guess. No more scribbling messages – just type it out. But no cheating!
  • Pull Down to Refresh: Update your games in an instant with an easy way to refresh.
  • Easy Undo: That mid-drawing sneeze is no challenge to your masterpiece, now just click the undo button to erase that last pesky stroke.
  • 999 > 99: Blaze by the “100 Club” and challenge friends to take your streaks to 999.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve cursed Draw Something for not having an undo, so its inclusion stands out as a personal highlight – though I’m sure everyone will have their favorite amongst the new tweaks. My wife, for example, is obsessed with keeping a streak going – so upping the cap to 999 will definitely put a smile on her face. And a few of my regular opponents could be the next Van Gogh, so they’ll no doubt love showing off their creations through social media.

Do any of the new features grant any of your personal Draw Something wishes? Let us know in the comments below!

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