Draw Something goes global with 12 new languages and the help of Jennifer Lopez

There’s a piece of advice I like to give my friends when they’re in trouble. A little pearl of wisdom, if you will, with the potential to improve just about every situation. “Go. Find Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez,” I tell them, “they will help you in your time of need.” With Zynga now enlisting both stars to promote Draw Something‘s global release, it’s clear my advice carries a lot of gravitas.

The nitty-gritty of the news is that Draw Something is available in 12 new languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese. If you speak any of these, you’re likely looking at this article and wishing you could read it. Or you’re translating the site to your language and wondering why the syntax got so borked. These are things I can’t help you with, but there’s plenty of solace to be found in playing Draw Something in your native language.

The words presented in these newly-supported corners of the world will possess cultural relevance, and Zynga provided examples like “Junsu” for Korea (name of a popstar), and “Philipp Lahm” for Germany (name of a German soccer player). As excellent a touch as that is on the part of Zynga/OMGPOP, I’m a little saddened we may never see a video of someone from another country throwing their phone and yelling “Who on earth is Ice Cube?!”


Enrique Iglesias and Jennifer Lopez are aiding in the launch by choosing words that will be featured daily for a week. To participate, select the “Jlo Enrique” option within the new Special Words section of the game. Players can look forward to drawing things like, “Keepin’ it real” and, “Oh god I’m so sorry for Gigli.” I wish you all the best in your drawing endeavors.

The stars will also be engaging players of the game via Twitter, leading up to the kick-off of their North American tour on July 14. Will they mess with everyone by drawing garbled messes of lines? We’ll know soon enough.

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