DrakeMall is an e-commerce site with a sensational USP

By Marc Hewitt |

By now you’ve got used to the idea of buying things online. Hell, if you’re young enough you probably can’t remember a time when people didn’t purchase everything from electronics to food over the internet. You’ve even bought stuff second hand and by auction without getting up from your desk.

Even so, DrakeMall.com is a new kind of experience.

What is DrakeMall? This growing e-commerce site lets you buy a huge variety of products, from toys to jewelry to high end consumer electronics. But instead of just adding whatever you want to your basket and heading to the checkout, you pay to open boxes.

Here’s how it works. First, you need to buy credits, using the standard online payment methods. With your credits you can choose to open a box from one of a number of categories.

For example the Apple Case contains, among many other items, an Apple Watch, an iMac, and a lightning cable, while the Gamer Case includes a PlayStation Move controller, a Nintendo Switch, and mouse mat. The boxes are regularly refreshed with different stock.

You can view the items in each case before buying it, but what you end up with is a lottery. The Apple Case costs $49.99, and with that you could end up buying an iPhone X worth over a thousand dollars or an adapter worth $9.

Once you’ve opened your box, your purchase is added to your inventory, and from there you can either sell it on the DrakeMall marketplace for credits to go towards opening more boxes, or request delivery.

Of course, DrakeMall isn’t necessarily the most practical option if you just need to buy a specific thing for a specific purpose, but if you’re just looking to treat yourself and you want to inject a bit of excitement into proceedings this is a fun way to spend your dough. You might even end up with a $29.99 Oculus Rift.

You don’t have to “win” every product on the site either, as if you have the funds you can just buy a product instead.

It’s so easy to register too – you only need an email address, or you can log-in through your Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail account directly. So review it for yourself now, and see how Drakemall is no scam.

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