Dragon’s Dogma II Release Date Confirmed

Wolves hunt in packs!

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We finally have the date. Capcom have confirmed that the sequel to a legendary RPG. Dragon’s Dogma II will hit stores March 22nd 2024, so there’s not long to wait.

The announcement came with a trailer, and a massive gameplay showcase that has pretty much sold us on the sequel.

Dragon’s Dogma II promises a lot of what we already loved from the first one. There’s a vast open fantasy world. There’s an epic storyline about the fate of humanity. There’s a terrible wyrm that stole your heart, and not in a ‘candlelit dinner and a bouquet of roses’ sort of way. He literally gave you open heart surgery and made off with one of your vital organs. Only, you’re not dead despite the lack of heart so you set out to go get it back. It’s a real reverse Dragonheart deal.

Perhaps We Will Find Aught Of Use!

Then, there’s Pawns.

Pawns were one of Dragon’s Dogma’s unique selling points. They are constructs without a true will of their own, who arrive from the rift to serve The Arisen, the unlucky individual who got the aforementioned amateur heart surgery from a giant reptile.

Pawns serve as your party. In the original, you got to design one, your main Pawn, to your specifications, right down to their attitude.

‘Tis Weak To Fire!

You could then recruit the Pawns of others, or hire your own out. The Pawn would gain experiences on their travels, and use it to give helpful tips on different enemies. Well, I say helpful. I distinctly recall a Pawn helpfully telling my Arisen that ‘Wolves hunt in packs!’ while a wolf was in the middle of gnawing on her leg.

We can only hope that the new generation of Pawns aren’t too smart, lest it ruin the original’s vibe of going on an adventure with three lethally armed toddlers.

The mechanics are similar, but the world is bigger, the graphics are prettier, and there are now cat people. What else could you ask for?

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