Dragon Quest VIII is coming to mobile… tonight!

If you’re a fan of JRPG’s, there’s a very good chance that you hold a special place in your heart for Dragon Quest VIII. Original released on the PlayStation 2, this is the game that comes to mind whenever somebody mentions Dragon Quest.

I’ve been eager to play it on a modern console for ages – for some reason it’s not part of the PlayStation Classics line-up on PSN – and it looks like tonight my dreams will finally come true. First spotted by TouchArcade, it looks like Square-Enix will be delivering this one to the App Store tonight with the hefty price tag of $19.99.


If that feels kind of steep, you’re probably not buying a lot of Square Enix games on the App Store. They’ve maintained a “premium price for premium games” approach, and I don’t fault them for it in the least. I remember paying $60 for this one the day it came out in 2006, so if you ask me, $19.99 is a steal.

We first learned about DQ8‘s mobile port last year, though at them time it seemed as if the game would never leave Japan. It looks like this is more than just a straight port, too. The interface has been redesigned from the ground-up for mobile, with marketing images even touting that you can play it with just one hand. We’re looking forward to seeing how that shakes out.

Be sure to stay tuned for our full review coming next week.

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